Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Equipe CMI Pro cycling team #ccnsport

You got to know about the Equipe CMI Pro Cycling Team :

Win #4 of 2016
Chris Grand
The 2016 season has started off with some amazing results so far for the team.  
Equipe CMI, sponsored by CMI Tours.com, wearing CCN clothing and riding 
QUICK bikes has already racked up 4 wins, 2 in Canada and 2 in France.  
Not to mention 4 other top 10 finishes!  Congratulations to Al Murisson and
Simeon Green for bringing us these results, with the help of their friends
and teammates of course!

#CCNsport #ccncyclingteam #ccncyclingjersey 
@cmicycling @CMIproCYCLING

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